The year 2013 has been very painful for Eva Longoria with passages about her dress on the red carpet. Gently, her appearances in the Golden Globes and Cannes were a disaster. In fact, the ex Tony Parker has not mastered the climatic elements in these two prestigious ceremonies .

Catastrophic year for Eva Longoria on the red carpet

At the Golden Globes 2013 Eva Longoria wore a sexy dress with deep V neckline . A bad choice , since that night , the wind blew hard in Los Angeles and was involved in her dress. A nipple appeared and photographers have immortalized this embarrassing moment that has traveled the world .

After the wind, the rain has made ​​the rounds with Eva Longoria at Cannes. As he climbed the stairs in a long dress, Eva Longoria had to roll his coat to keep from falling . However, she recovered her dress too revealing privacy. As usual on the red carpet, the American fine not wearing underwear. Wow that one, too , it has not gone unnoticed.

Precautions before all?

This Monday, May 19, 2014 , the weather was not at the festival in Cannes. If Julianne Moore was afraid for her hairstyle , Eva Longoria was the fear of reliving the same mishaps in 2013. Fortunately, her dress was the appropriate day. Mounting and tight slit neckline, the risks were minimal. Everything was fine for the pump despite a strong wind could have her as a victim.

Cheryl Cole Eva Longoria sexy

Cheryl Cole and Eva Longoria at the red carpet © Eva Longoria via Whosay

Jessica Chastain avoid the worst

The obvious victim could have been Jessica Chastain. The redhead wore a Elie Saab badly adapted to these climatic conditions. With a high slit that went back in the thigh, and a large number of free tissues, all came together to pass an ordeal on the red carpet. If it had to be complicated , Jessica Chastain remained glamorous and smiling. The star of films The Debt and Zero Dark Thirty and somehow mastered her purple dress mimicking the famous pose of Marilyn Monroe. The positive point is that thanks to the wind took her dress a grace that made great pictures were taken.

Jessica Chastain sexy Cannes 2014

Jessica Chastain © Elie Saab via Twitter

Jessica Chastain glamour Cannes

© Jessica Chastain via Twitter