Alexa Chung in the tutorial beauty

Alexa Chung reveals her beauty secrets in a tutorial

Alexa Chung, muse of Longchamp is a girl who has a dream. Cheerleader TV Gateway 24 Hours since 2012 and over 16 years, reveals her beauty secrets in a tutorial

August 29, 2014 Beauty

Olivia Wilde answered the reflection of a sexist journalist of GQ

Olivia Wilde, the former star Dr House, leaves no air. When a journalist, film critic Tom Carson for American GQ, made a sexist remark, drawing a parallel between the game

August 24, 2014 Company

Cindy Crawford already seen her as manager for her children

Cindy Crawford does it all. Supermodel, designer cosmetics, actress, future author, mom and soon probably one of the greatest managers in recent years. Like Kris Jenner, Cindy Crawford announced in

August 21, 2014 Fashion

How makeup to go to the beach?

Fashionista to the end, what you would find it difficult to forget the makeup though trip to the beach? We’ll have to forget traditional makeup and adapt to the harsh

August 03, 2014 Beauty

Selection of dresses trends for summer 2014

To really enjoy the summer, impeccable style is required. Short, medium or large top pants should be in the closet for this summer 2014. But is the fundamental asset dress

July 22, 2014 Fashion

Cara Delevingne, the new face for Topshop

Cara Delevingne continues its path without pitfalls. After its place in Burberry in June with Suki Waterhouse and Malaika Firth, is for the English store Topshop prêt-à-porter (ready to use) Cara

July 16, 2014 Fashion

The sarong is it trend in 2014?

The sarong has always had its place in the basket or bag to go to the beach. For years now, is the ultimate accessory that allows the pair serve as

July 08, 2014 Fashion
Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann

Cameron Diaz, demanding, does not like stingy men

In the midst of promoting her new movie Triple Alliance  with Kate Upton and Leslie Mann departure on June 18, Cameron Diaz admits she does not like stingy men, because they

June 27, 2014 Company

Lara Stone: fired because of her pregnancy

Lara Stone, the new face of L’Oréal Paris since October 2013 according to « Forbes », tenth higest paid model in 2013, has released a discriminatory information in an interview with the english

June 24, 2014 Fashion

Lookbook: Summer Simplicity H&M

“With clean silhouettes and super-air positions is the key to a simple outfit. Beautify bands, sporty details and touches of yellow.” Here’s how H&M presents its new lookbook titled Summer

June 23, 2014 Fashion
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