The actress Amy Adams gave the feeling of seeing her last film appearance in the film Superman, but is now in American Bluff and she is back! Alongside Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence , Amy Adams plays the role of small and ultra sexy smart girlfriend of one of America ‘s largest financial mafia. The film is billed as the great cinematic achievement of the year and was nominated for ten Academy Awards. Before discovering whether to take the final on March 2 , make a point to point of the beautiful Amy Adams.

Amy Adams robe sexy 2014

Amy Adams at Golden Globes 2014 © HFPA

A personality full of mystery that unfolds slowly , so we managed to find information about Amy Adams 10 points that will surprise you:

1. Since 35 years, this unpretentious actress , however , has been nominated four times for an Oscar in 2005 Junebug , Doubt in 2008 , The Fighter in 2010 and American Bluff in 2014 !

2. She comes from a big  family, has 6 brothers and sister and she was born in Italy Vincenza !

3. Amy Adams has never dreamed of the big screen, she wanted to be a dancer and be classic ballets.

4. Her brother, Eddie , works for the magazine  TMZ and tries to protect the massive attacks by paparazzi script .

5. She worked as a saleswoman in the GAP store in Atlanta and ended up advising Whitney Houston while the singer was shopping in the same store.

6. She earned her first Oscar in 2006 for second best paper Jonebug

7. She is totally fan of pasta sauces, which also filled her cupboard. Would it have been born in Italy that encourages a taste for garlic and onions ?

8. During her meeting with Meryl Street by the movie Julie and Julia and Doubt, the young Amy Adams has lost all means before this monument movie started stuttering and unable to utter a phrase normally.

9. She admits having lost a lot of time looking for the perfect man when she was 20, Amy Adams says even on this

If I could go back and again I like to take guitar lessons or something. I put too much energy into something that has brought me nothing .

10. The Curse of Amy Adams and men seems to have ceased and truly over with beautiful found happiness in the arms of Garren Le Gallo.