Ellen Page  is one of those actresses who would like to have as a friend. Brave , talented and with a corrosive humor, the beautiful 27 year old has combined roles in blockbusters like Inception or the latest X -Men, and an excellent career in independent film . Independent films, with few economic resources, are obliged to work very hard on the script, and the soundtrack filmography. No special effects for independent film , it becomes a force. It is also in these films that Ellen Page is the best .

5. Bliss of Drew Barrymore

Bliss Cavender , 17 years old, is bored in her small Texas town , always driven by beauty pageants her mother . Her life illuminates when Gerbantes Scouts , a team of roller derby face. She is passionate about the sport and returned to the team for lying about her age to be over . Sport and meetings are going to change her life.

L'affiche de Bliss © Bliss

The poster of Bliss © Bliss

The actress has been entrusted with a very funny and touching role of a young girl who dreams of another life and move on to find the passion and then a family then argues that the mother -daughter relationship is difficult.

4. Juno of Jason Reitman

Played a 16 year old girl, cheeky humor and very unique, she has become pregnant. After the appointment for an abortion, she decides to continue the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption.

Ellen Page signs the role that earned her acclaim from the press and the public. She is very endearing in this movie and starts to draw emotion. She joins Michael Cera, an actor of the foremost independent film in the cast.

L'affiche de Juno © Juno

The poster of Juno © Juno

3. Smart People of Noam Murro

Lawrence Wetherhold, a brilliant professor of Victorian literature, and melancholy widower falls for one of her former students who became doctor. He lives with her daughter, Vanessa , who is immersed in his studies and has a sharp tongue , and that is as sad as his father.

Ellen Page plays the role of Vanessa perfectly. With replicas always killer, this function is very similar to her real personality if the melancholy side is eliminated. So it was a role tailored to the actress.

L'affiche de Smart People © Smart People

The poster of Smart People © Smart People

2. An American Crime of Tommy O’Haven

Indiana, summer of 1965 , Mr. and Mrs. Likens entrust their daughters Sylvia and Jenny Gertrude Baniszewski, a housewife who already have several children. For several months, the whole family will help the mother to Sylvia kidnapping and torturing to death in the basement of the home.

Based on a true story, Ellen Page stars as Sylvia . Difficult to play the role that the actress did not hesitate to accept. She brilliantly interprets this brave girl who will try by all means to escape the clutches of this family, while trying to protect his sister .

L'affiche de An American Crime &copy: An American Crime

The poster of An American Crime &copy: An American Crime

1. Hard Candy of David Slate

Hayley , a 14 year old who knows a photographer for 32 years in a chat . After some discussion , they decided to meet at a cafe to finish quickly in the man’s house. She starts a striptease that photographer is quick to capture before fainting . When he wakes up , he realizes that Hayley has tied up and drugged. He is accused pedophile , she tries to make him confess by all means …

This role is the most disturbing of Ellen Page. In only 17 years, offers extraordinary performance of a disturbed and vengeful child.

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The poster for Hard Candy © Hard Candy