The rumor on the net was finally formalized : the famous British supermodel Kate Moss dressed up as little rabbit on the anniversary of American Playboy magazine charm . The copy will be the first issue of the year 2014.

For the occasion, the beautiful blonde asked a few moments under the direction of photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. To highlight her gorgeous body and her sexiness, Kate Moss stands on all fours in a more than suggestive poses arched. Also as usual sensuality magazin, the muse Liu Jo is coated with a disguise consisting of a strapless black velvet body accompanied by black stilettos staggering. For the sensual and animal side , she also wore a headband rabbit ears and a small round tail white pompom. All granted cuffs and collar with traditional white outfit, chic and classy. The rabbit is actually the emblem or the mascot of the brand “Playboy” since its inception. This is the same uniform as the waitresses wear Playboy Clubs .

Kate Moss pour la une de Playboy

Kate Moss for the cover of Playboy © Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Playboy

The famous photo will be the cover of the January-February 2014 Playboy magazine of Hugh Hefner . The photo is not trivial because it was taken for the anniversary of the sixty years of the magazine but also for forty yearsof the  British top. Once again, the future forties will stop at nothing ! This is a great way to prove that youth is in the head (and also a little bit in Photoshop let’s face it) . Indeed, the year 2014 promises to be explosive for the twig . From the outset, the top will start to work as an editor in the iconic fashion magazine Vogue. Then, in April , it will launch her third collaboration with ready-to- wear with the famous British brand Topshop .

Marylin Monroe Playboy

Marylin Monroe on the cover of  Playboy © Playboy

As for a glamour Magazine , she began her adventure in December 1953. Her first one is memorable with Marilyn Monroe, still sexy model. Since then, many models have been able to extend the sensuality of the magazine such as Elle MacPherson , Cindy Crawford, the beautiful Eva Herzigova and the famous Pamela Anderson.