Alexa Chung, muse of Longchamp is a girl who has a dream. Cheerleader TV Gateway 24 Hours since 2012 and over 16 years, reveals her beauty secrets in a tutorial by Lisa Eldridge signed. Accustomed to questions from her many fans, beauty youtubeuse answered simply one among them and invited the British to a drop in game record for this tutorial.

This is the famous makeup inspired by the sixties, Alexa Chung played helped by Lisa Eldridge on camera. Armed with a color background Vitalumiere Chanel No. 30, the makeup skin tone supermodel. It then passes the Mac blush under the eyes to reduce dark circles. For the eyes, she used Me & My Shadow of Eyeko that is waterproof. A mole for both eyelids and a chocolate color for the upper eyelid then it downward. It is that Alexa Chung take action by tracing her famous eye liner with liquid eye liner Eyeko Do. Draw a fine line, very close to the lashes and then go over and thicken back. Lisa Eldridge is responsible for applying mascara Mascara Eye Do Eyeko brand in the tabs of the top and then the bottom. For brows, apply Gel Liner Eyeko Brow. Provides a point of color to the cheeks using Alexa Chung Blushed Stay! Rimmel and she ends up making up the model with red lips Rimmel nude color.

Alexa Chung in the tutorial beauty

Alexa Chung in the tutorial beauty © Capture Youtube

In this makeup, Alexa Chung can not stop trusting anecdotes. She admits shaved eyebrows too in her youth and now loves to have them sharper, who likes to copy the French Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy and some pimples come to her chin once a month. Revelations that allow their fans, perhaps, feel a little closer to her.

The Tutorial Video