Alexa Chung is the face of the range of colors without ammonia INOA of L’Oreal , the british supermodel plays the game the ambassador thoroughly and testing her new hair fringe trend square chalk mark . The principle is simple: hair coloration that suits your mood ! As the composition, you can vary the colors and applications ( marginal spikes, switches ), freedom for hair color!

coloration L'oréal arc en ciel pour alexa Chung

The new haircut rainbow of ‘Alexa Chung © Alexa Chung via Instragram

L’Oreal creates a range of 8 colors and fluorescent acidulces trends to be fashionable light hair. Ideal for making temporary strings in line with your costume now. The life of the coloration is between 7 and 10 washes. The British star Alexa Chung experimented with several strands so that got the color of the rainbow: light a hairstyle! She shared this new trend with her fans on her instagram account and uses the term

I have my little pony

Alexa Chung is one of the first to try hair chalk , the trend is already underway, and is almost certain that the phrase “cut like a pony” now invades the hairdresser! Meanwhile, the face of L’Oreal said to have proposed to exhibit her new hair color at the London night .

I will walk my sky rainbow hair in bars in East London this weekend .