In the midst of promoting her new movie Triple Alliance  with Kate Upton and Leslie Mann departure on June 18, Cameron Diaz admits she does not like stingy men, because they are rude. To seduce the actress, 41, should be rather a fairly well supplied portfolio. I do not know whether or not you have expensive tastes, but if it does, we will have to deal with millionaires. Kate Upton and colleagues Leslie Mann-cons say no either. The three girls tend to agree on the perfect man must be generous, have sense of humor, a big heart and be smart, just that.

Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton Leslie Mann Triple Alliance

Cameron Diaz, with Kate Upton and Leslie Mann in The Other Woman © Capture Yahoo!

However, Cameron Diaz appears to have found Benji Madden, Good Charlotte member, the ideal man. Since May, appeared together several times showing are taken from the hand through the streets of New York. Nicole Richie’s friend and sister Cameron Diaz Benji Madden who put her two cents after the premiere that will leave her the celibacy. Knowing that Benji Madden had a weakness for Cameron Diaz for several years, Nicole Richie did not hesitate to arrange a meeting. Time will tell if it was good or not for the eternal party.