The young Victoria ‘s Secret model , Candice Swanepoel is angel since 2010 , however , the direction of the U.S. company seems willing to give her power. After Queen catalog was swimming in 2013 , she will star in the upcoming Fashion Show. The South African supermodel has the honor of carrying the Royal Fantasy Bra, a bra noteworthy as it will be the most expensive and the most original of the entire collection.

Candice Swanepoel Royal Fantasy Bra 2013 Victoria's Secret

Candice Swanepoel with the Fantasy Bra 2013 © Victoria’s Secret

This bra is estimated to be worth 10 million dollars. Suffice to say that the beautiful blonde will be accompanied by giants during rehearsals and backstage. She also says she does not take lightly her role : ” I’ve never used something so expensive and we have to wear gloves when you handle ” . Charlize Theron ‘s compatriot in to sucession of Alessandra Ambrosio , Angel 9 years ago , she had the privilege of wearing the Fantasy Bra in 2012 . However, it was worth $ 2.5 million. This year the jeweler Robert Mouawad put a package in the creation of this magnificent jewel 18K gold. This 4,200 use gemstone jewelry associated with yellow sapphire , diamond and ruby. A mammoth task that says Candice Swanepoel: ” They have to model my body to the bra” . The muse of Victoria ‘s Secret claims to have additional stress , but no doubt that will be fine .

By appointment this Tuesday, December 10, 2013 to enjoy this clip as well as the entire collection of this brand of underwear.