Cara Delevingne is the most likely model of the moment, but at age 20, she was already dreaming of another career. Recently, she said that the modeling fatigue and now a new report appears to confirm that she needs air. The English girl wants, as Charlize Theron, turning to the film:

Charlize Theron is other one [idole]. She started off as a model and she is one of the most beautiful women, Amazonian goddess looking. She did a movie, Monster, and plays a real thug, plays really ugly, and I absolutely love that. That’s what I want to be, a crazy cave woman or a possessed demon child. Ugly is the most beautiful. I want to do that

For now, that’s the beauty that is favored especially by Karl Lagerfeld but the modeling world is not the only one interested in it. Her friend Rihanna tries to open her long musical career and has already appeared in a film alongside Jude Law and Keira Knightley.

© Anna Karenine

© Anna Karenine

Cara had a small role in the film Anna Karenina released in 2012. This brief appearance seems to have given desire to rub the world of cinema. Sister Poppy Delevingne is highly motivated and has appealed to filmmakers and not just any, the best:

I’m here, I’m ready. I can do funny faces, I can sing, I can dance. Hire me !

Cara Delevingne could try Hollywood. It could break more easily than Charlize Theron who had a very difficult time (see her bio) before the accident enables her to pick roles that launched her career. The young English is also looking for good choices and dreams of having a long career as Oscar-winning actresses:

I would love to be doing what Meryl Streep is doing. Her career has been incredible. Or Judi Dench.

Do you think that Cara Delevingne can make a career in film or it would be better for her to focus on modeling?