One is English, the other Canadian. One is a model , the other actress. One is 21, the other 27 years. Cara Delevingne and Ellen Page are both lesbians and they have released in two completely different ways.

Cara Delevingne, no ads, no wonder

This was no surprise about Cara Delevingne. If she has had relationships with Harry Styles of One Direction ‘s principal , British singer Jake Bugg , Gaz Beadle, the model was paired with Rita Ora in 2011. The singer reportedly said :

She is officially mine. She is untouchable. I’ve recalled

Cara Delevingne embrasse Sienna Miller sur la bouche au Met Ball 2013 © Cara Delevingne

Sienna Miller kissing Cara Delevingne during the Met Ball 2013 © Cara Delevingne

In addition, Cara Delevingne usually play at night kissing other women like her best friend Rita Ora ( yet!), Sienna Miller, Star … a little more discreet , Cara Delevingne share everything on social networking sites and filling of Instagram pictures of the same class. The announcement of her relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez was not a surprise. The american 35-year -old openly bisexual and this confirms that the super thin Cara Delevingne  is too.

Rumors, some photos, a clip YSL explicit ( censored version ), the lesbian universe is present for years in the public life of Cara Delevingne. Therefore, not needed to explain. Doubts were present and coming out was natural, she finally carried out a statement , as she has never spoken for itself. These are statements of Rita Ora who have raised doubts and executing Michelle Rodriguez makes this come off as real, but nothing is said by the british model. For this reason, everything seems normal .

The painful announcement of Ellen Page

For Ellen Page, it is totally opposite. Before her statement in conference Time to Thrive , nothing presaged that she is a lesbian. Rumors are echoes of relations with Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Sam Riley, Frankie Muniz and Elijah Wood. But again, it was very discreet. She put aside her retention talk about her private life when she contacted the Human Rights Campaign to speak at LGBT conference .

Ellen Page fait son coming out lors d'une conférence LGBT

Ellen Page in the moment of the declaration of lesbian © capture Youtube

The surprise was great for the public as well as the secret was painful for Canada as she told the conference :

I am here today because I am gay. And because of that, perhaps, my testimony can make a difference to help others have a better life and hope. In any case, for me , I feel a personal obligation and social responsibility… I’m too selfish, because I’m tired of hiding and because I’m tired of lying by omission. I have suffered for years because I was afraid of being outside. My mind has suffered, my mental health has suffered and my relationships have suffered.

In the end, the ad had much greater impact than formalize Cara Delevingne with Michelle Rodriguez. However, the way that symbolizes the malaise in society as the acceptance of homosexuals, while for Cara Delevingne suggests that everything is very natural, even in the formal aspect of it known.