The young model Cara Delevingne is often presented in the media as “the new Kate Moss ” but is it true? Point on the question at 40 years of supermodel best known in the world aka “The Twig “.

Assimilation to take it as a compliment

First, that Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are similar should make them blush of pleasure both. Kate Moss because it was still compared to a young rising star in the modeling (which rejuvenates and anchor its position catwalk star and reference in the world of fashion ) and Cara Delevingne is simply the highest honor to be compared to the model with the longest career.

Their common point is their difference

What can unite these two strong personalities in the world of modeling it is their ability to be different from others. Kate Moss is smaller than the average mannequins and Cara Delevingne has a face marked by the presence of the eyebrows. The two ladies were therefore able to make a difference to their advantage .

Kate Moss lapin rose

© Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Playboy

In addition, two top adopt casual wear outside podiums taking a casual rock -vintage look far haute couture houses in which they work !

Finally, probably one of the most important things in common: both have tops that make their brand and makes photographs with faces and offset !

Cara Delevingne au top lors du fashion Show de Victoria's Secret

© Compte Instagram Caradelevingne

Let’s just hope the young Cara will stay away from scandals and abuses crossed by her eldest Kate.

Two strong personalities that have nothing to do in common

Although both women love to party , they are very different in the professional world . For example , Kate Moss is reputed to have a changing face that can adapt to different environment and it can be almost unrecognizable from a shoot to another.

Conversely, Cara Delevingne has a strong face that we do not forget, recognizable and she cultivates scoring side that has become his trademark ! Both tops have so many different advantages that make their strength before the cameras and cameras !

Cara Delevingne au top lors du fashion Show de Victoria's Secret

Cara Delevingne at the top for the fashion Show of Victoria’s Secret © Compte Instagram Caradelevingne