The famous actress Charlize Theron of golden hair voluptuous will have to represent the ” shaved ” to repeat some scenes of the next big style Mad Max: Fury Road. She plays the role of the Imperator Furious and must repeat this effort to return hair back into the skin of her character. If the actress was quite proud to show that he could transform his physical role for the first time ,Charlize Theron looks less happy to repeat the feat ! The shooting of this apocalyptic film was completed in December 2012, but director George Miller wants perfect scenes after a lukewarm reception from the public during the previews .

One of her acquaintances have told Mirror and even declared :

Charlize is obviously contractually obliged to go along with any re-workings of the film, and will soon be shaving off her hair once again. She is devastated. It also means a few more gruelling workouts to regain the athletic physique she had over a year ago

A great effort for the beautiful aesthetic American actress who recently won an award at the Awards for Women United Nations for her humanitarian work in Africa. Charlize Theron proves once again that she is not intimidated and when she really gets involved.

The haircut is the price to pay to appear alongside Tom Hardy in this remake of Mad Max Studio directed by Miller and with a budget of around $ 100 million !

Charlize Theron © Dior

Charlize Theron © Dior