Cindy Crawford does it all. Supermodel, designer cosmetics, actress, future author, mom and soon probably one of the greatest managers in recent years. Like Kris Jenner, Cindy Crawford announced in US Weekly that if her children decided to make their career in the modeling, she would be their manager. A desire is understandable and could be a real opportunity for her children because she herself  was on the podium, so she knows how it works. “My son just wants to surf and hang out as a teenager his age. My daughter loves it a little more but she is 12 years … I could help and guide. I have a pretty good experience in the field and I manage to avoid the pitfalls of fashion. So if she decides to do, I could be his “mamanager”! “Cindy Crawford told the magazine.

Kaïa et Presley, les enfants de Cindy Crawford © Cindy Crawford via Instagram

Kaïa and Presley, the sons of Cindy Crawford © Cindy Crawford via Instagram

The model has good reason to ask questions, especially when you see her children. On Instagram, she can not help to post pictures and have to be blind not to see that Kaïa and Presley are very photogenic. Yet they have not signed any contract with an agency, which should probably not delay.