H & M wants to commit to improving the living conditions of humanity through several actions, but the brand you want to go beyond a communication operation of your image and wanted to involve their customers in their relationships !

In October 2013, H&M has launched a global survey by interviewing citizens of all countries in the orientation of their commitment. The H&M Conscious Humanitarian Foundation is the foundation of the brand trying to redistribute a portion of their profits.

The results of the survey have been revealed and the three angles on which H&M shows interest are:

  • The education and development of their access to all locations
  • Clean Water for a Healthy Environment
  • Women’s rights for equality worldwide


© H&M

© H&M

It is through partnerships with humanitarian organizations in each area that H&M will donate about 180 million DKK in several years. This money will be used to create projects to improve the three selected points in the survey.

Humanitarian action is still criticized by some organizations who report marketing communication to redeem the image. In fact, H&M had been accused of being inhumane working conditions in their factories in Bangladesh to maintain the lowest prices for your clothing collection. It seems that since the brand decided to make a radical change and revise their contracts with factories subcontracted by the prohibition of certain particularly toxic and carcinogenic chemicals used in dyes.

A commitment to a focus on honesty verified that with time and practice of the ads through the global survey. Waiting to find out humanitarian projects, the brand has chosen the muse for spring and summer 2014 collection is none other than the beautiful Miranda Kerr.