How to look as the beautiful Cara Delevingne? All starts for try to recopy her style of make up. Thanks to the video tutorial of Lisa Eldridge, is near like a game for childs to adopt the same class as the top model of the podiums on this moment.

copier le maquillage de cara delevingne

Adopt the same make up as Cara Delevingne ©


A clear and smooth skin, well-accented eyebrows, one highlighted by a nude lipstick and makeup mouth that approximates a “smoking eyes” a little lighter version, are the basis of the style of Cara Delevingne.

This video tutorial is bluffing between the model’s face before and after. Beyond explaining the basics of make up so Cara Delevingne, the video gives advice on gestures and makeup application. Different quality products are also available in the tutorial to help you choose what lines you need.

Ideal to have confidence in a future release adopting the style of model who walked for luxury brands but retains a casual everyday style.