Did you know? Léa Seydoux who was noted for her role in The life of Adele (who received the Palme d’Or ) comes from a middle class family that controls most of the film. Going back a bit on the family tree of the young actress who plays Bella in the latest remake of Beauty and the Beast, one discovers that the grandfather of Léa Seydoux ( Jérôme Seydoux ) is the president of Pathé and uncle (Nicolas Seydoux ) is , meanwhile, President of Gaumont. Other people in your family with leading multinational companies in the world ( Parrot ) or football clubs ( LOSC Lille ).

lea seydoux la princesse du cinéma

© capture Trailer Belle et la Bête

Léa Seydoux acts of Bella , a role that is doing wonderfully

Her latest film is announced and signed by Pathé who offered her the lead role, but not happy to have the starring role , the rising star of French cinema wants more and demanded that the film production

She carries with it her ” personal game coach ” , a hairdresser and a makeup artist for your exclusive use, a liner if necessary to the bare stage and a personal stylist for promotion

But beyond its material requirements, the young Seydoux also managed to negotiate her contract of EUR 300 000 and the Commission of 2% in revenue from the film, a coup for the young actress who turns her back on the need for time. Respond to this status princess theater Psychologies magazine fending be raised in the middle class and the declaration of

Even if i actually lived in a rich family, I have not had a bourgeois childhood as we can understand it. It was more of a bohemian life, rather Artist

Soon we find Léa Seydoux alongside Vincent Cassel for theatrical release on February 12, “Beauty and the Beast.