To really enjoy the summer, impeccable style is required. Short, medium or large top pants should be in the closet for this summer 2014. But is the fundamental asset dress for a sexier look? There are so many ways to dress for everyone to find happiness. Short, long, halter, cleavage, slinky or vintage-inspired brands redouble their ingenuity to create or reinvent the classics. This summer, we must rely on simpler shapes, in pastel shades with floral prints and subtle detail that makes all the difference. Discretion is the watchword … or not. Revel dresses that will make your wardrobe, the final piece that will brighten your summer because it is perfect. Discover our selection of dresses from Asos, Topshop, H & M, Urban Outfitters and Mango.

Asos and printed.

To Asos, print has always been a real game. This first long dress, all printed with flowers, has its strength in the originality of its opening to the navel. The subtle detail that gives this dress its place in this selection.

maxi robes fleurs

Maxi dress with printed flowers © Asos

Pour un côté plus ethnique, cette robe courte aux manches courtes est parfaite pour une ballade en ville ou sur la plage. Afin de compléter le look, des bracelets et un headband très fin ou une tresse dans les cheveux sont de rigueur.For a more ethnic side, this short short sleeve dress is perfect for a stroll around town or on the beach. To complete the look, bracelets and a headband or a braid in the hair is of rigor.

robe courtes ethniques

Short dress with ethnic prints © Asos

Topshop and the short dresses

This white skater dress as offers a simple and neat look. The V-neck and vents on both sides make this piece a must-have for this summer’s 2014. Really needs no accessories, is sufficient in itself.

robe patineuse topshop

Skater Dress © Topshop

A little color in this dress asymmetrical tie and dye. Short, strapless, size effect is a curved line. The tie and dye make the pink dress is original and suddenly pep’s den.


robe tie and dye topshop

Dress tie and dye © Topshop

H&M and lace

The tissue that became fashionable in Cannes 2014, makes the required fit this summer. H&M has understood and this dress with spaghetti straps and lace. Pastel color gives a light effect and cool for the summer of 2014 it will succeed.

robe dentelle

Dress in lace © H&M

However, for this white lace dress, this time focusing on the waist with two inserts revealing some skin. A sexy effect that allows this white dress have an original side

robe dentelle

Lace Dress© H&M

Urban Outfitters and simplicity

For a casual look 100%, Urban Outfitters put on simplicity. This pink dress buttons down to the bottom of the dress creates a look that is both comfortable and very urban time. Simple and effective, this dress is to accommodate some jewelry, nothing more.

robe urban outfitters

Casual Dress © Urban Outfitters

Always in simplicity, this white dress shirt is short sleeved. The shirt collar makes this piece its originality and allows a look of unparalleled purity.

robe chemise urban outfitters

Dress Shirt © Urban Outfitters

Mango and chic

Summer is also synonymous with chic in  Mango. This dress embroidered pastel color gives the effect for a chic workwear. These three-quarter sleeves, a V-neck as well as its marked with an elastic waist belt are the fundamental class of this dress.

robe brodée mango

Embroidered Dress © Mango

A pastel pink and camel belt slice, this shirt dress is a must-have wardrobe summer 2014 for a look of working-girl assumed. The shirt sleeves rolled up side and support this side-job chic.

robe col v mango

V-neck Dress Mango © Mango