She is the new top model fashion . Since the explosion in the video for the summer , ” Blurred Lines ” , Emily keeps Ratajkowski loosen tongues – and jealousy. Does your greatest asset ? Plastic  irreproachable , yet challenging , in some respects, the current standard in the medium of modeling. Emily Ratajkowski is indeed the true symbol of a way fuller breasts comeback . By raising an important issue. Are idyllic measures are natural or the result of a hand the knife? Replies .

The Blurred Lines clip is the source of all the rumors :

The Polish name is on everyone’s mouths. Emily Ratajkowski in recent months, is the new phenomenon of global modeling . And it’s still on the covers of magazines or fashion shows that are watched the young American has been noted . Bypassing the traditional steps , is in a dispute that has signed with Ford Models at only 14 years to discover its plastic clip to the world of dreams. Star of ” Blurred Lines ” music video, the very controversial Robin Thicke, it is a naked Emily Ratajkowski without inhibitions, a little flirty, but giving fresh notice a life too which gave the illusion of entering a triumphant in one of the world’s most beautiful women. And while many of their peers have been jealous of her perfect body, now the star of modeling has gained a few months after one of the contracts of the most emblematic profession. Touted as the new Kate Upton, for their generous breasts unusually for a dummy – Jourdan Dunn recently paid the price – U.S. sublime gave a boost to the institutions. Become the new rookie Victoria Secret, although its referent model Kate Upton suffered the wrath of the prestigious brand of underwear.

Emily Ratajkowski hot boobs

Emily Ratajkowski, the new bombe of Victoria’s Secret © VEVO

Vulgar?, Kate Upon, sublime, Emily Ratajkowski? This seems the way to think of the brand. A postulate interesting when we know that despite its idyllic measures – 90-61-86 – and marked by a voluptuous chest , the darker of the two is the most distinguished of the rule -driven fashion industry. Emily Ratajkowksi is 1 meter 71, a size previously only knew one of the most legendary supermodel Kate Moss. The occasion for an extra light from the main issue concerning this new modeling personality.

While her surreal physical is undoubtedly a factor in the success of Emily Ratajkowski, is this nature? Is the perfection of his face and body that are innate or have been helped? An important issue that could undermine the reputation of the new star glamorous, never eliminated or confirmed the charges. Do your luscious lips, her perfect breasts while they have enjoyed a kind of surgical strike inches with a breast augmentation? Is it possible that her impeccable plastic has been using that as a benevolent destiny? This is the mini controversy surrounding Emily Ratajkowski in a society that hides under your knife addiction. But part of the answer is below us.

Emily Ratajkowski chirurgie esthétique seins sexy

Emily Ratajkowski appears topless in the clip de Thicke © capture Youtube

Does cosmetic surgery makes it really been so successful? Emily reveals Ratajkowski not particularly modest – and that’s an understatement – a naked torso is exposed from all angles in the uncensored video of Robin Thicke has revealed the launch. The perfect opportunity to realize her big chest … signs are detected after using a silicone. When her lips without looking too prominent, and not allow to rule in favor of a passage in the pool table. It seems that Emily Ratajkowski is just one of these creatures helped by nature … proving once again that it is unfair. Or that she should pass us the address of the surgeon, as there is no doubt they are the most talented professionals .