The beautiful model and actress Emily Ratajkowski perfect measurements is now known worldwide. For some time you can even aspire to spell your name to appear everywhere. The beautiful model made ​​its name thanks to the clip of ” Blurred Lines ” the famous Robin Thicke , the song Summer Promotion 2013 . In fact , the singer could not resist the charm of the girl and then proposed to participate in a video clip. Equipped with a voluptuous breasts and buttocks, beautiful and generous , I must say that the model is not indifferent to the male .

Since then , the face, the name ( and body) of Emily Ratajkowski are blooming everywhere for the greatest pleasure of all. In fact, the model has just been named “Woman of the Year ” by readers of Esquire magazine. The beautiful Emily, who was born of the union of a Polish and English, has attracted 64.6 % of the voters. This score allows her to be over the actress Jennifer Lawrence. It took five fierce rounds before announcing the name of the famous destination. So Emily Ratajkowski deserves its place of number one show of hands she carries .

Emily Ratajkowski visage

Emily Ratajkowski © Agence Ford

The American – Polish intends to enjoy her springboard to celebrity world in order to improve their international star status . Therefore, the 22 year old has just landed her first role on the big screen in the upcoming film by David Fincher , “Girl Gone” , where she played the lover of Ben Affleck. Part of bright, Emily Ratajkowski not stop in good shape and has become the model for the clothing brand “Rag & Bones “. Finally, the famous rumor of beautiful model perhaps could incorporate the very closed circle of Angels famous brand ” Victoria ‘s Secret ” ultimately proved to be true. The future Miranda Kerr ‘s of 22 years will have to enjoy their angel wings to fly again and how high ? Both the beautiful does not burn … Stay tuned .