The young actress of 23 years, Emma Watson seems to be afraid of many things, having declared that she was traumatized by going out at night and felt more like Bambi in presence of two lights.

The beauty also said to be frightened by the consequences of her acting career in her private life !

This is a pretty intimate confession given to Elle magazine that premiered on March 25 and she was on cover, Emma Watson explains her fear of the influence of her characters on herself

I remember a quote from Elizabeth Taylor in which she said that she received her first kiss in a movie as a character. This really surprised me. I can not explain how or why, but it makes sense to me and accused me of being very cautious because it could be me! My first kiss can be in someone else’s clothes in the role of a character and all my experiences ultimately could belong to someone else!

Emma Watson aux Golden Globes 2014

Emma Watson at Golden Globes 2014 © HFPA

Since beginning of her career very young, with the role of Hermione Granger in the famous Harry Potter, we can understand their fears, but has since come a long way in her career and is not a girl anymore from the top of her 23 years ! Hopefully for her it has already been able to experience life as Emma Watson, not only through the adventures of her characters. Take the lead role in the film Regression and also plays an important role in Noah with Anthony Hopkins and Russell Crowe in the film which opens in April, she passionately kisses a child … She also deals with the morality of the film during this interview and seems very excited about her role.

It’s a film in the style of Shakespeare, what happens to the family when they are confined in a small space of 40 days and 40 nights. How these people dealt with the impact of the end of the world ? Are men good ? Are we wrong? All these issues are so epic !