So-Trendy French women is a portal launched on 8 March 2013. On the occasion of the publication of our first interview with a woman not French, we are launching sites in English and Spanish. This is the blogger Brazilian Flávia Desgrandes van der Linden (blog Fashion Coolture) who agreed to answer our questions and we are very happy.

Hello Flavia, can you introduce yourself ?

Hello, i am a shy person who loves taking pictures and work with fashion.

Explain us why you have started a fashion blog ?

I always loved taking pics and i used to post them at a site called Deviantart, afterward i fond a site called and fall in love with the street style, so adopted the street style for me and created a blog to post my pics.

What can we find on this blog ?

the main point of my style, i think, is the funny game of mixing brand, from expensive ones to cheaper ones, and this is what i think is what people go to my blog to see, the magic of dressing up using piece of all kinds and still be well dressed. Well, at least it is what i think, but, as long as there are people going to my blog to have a look at the pictures, doesn’t really matter why they go there, i love them for accessing for whatever is the reason they access my blog, and i will always try to make more and more interesting pics for every one to see, get inspired or to help them to dress up and for any other reason they may go there for.

What is your style?

Style, ummmm, if there is a name for someone that likes mixing brands when dressing up, then that would be my style.

In the last looks on your blog, which one do you prefer ?

obviously there some a love more then others, but i still don’t think they are absolutely perfect, so my favorites ones are going to be the ones i will post in the future, because they will have all the experience of the previous ones.

If you had to keep only one product of your dressing, what would it be ?

That is a very dificult answer to give, but i guess it would be my one of my jackets, which one, don’t know.


On your blog we can distinguish a few words in French, why used you French and are you looking french fashion blog ?

if you asked me what is my favorite place on the world, i would answer start away, France, i love their architecture, cloths, culture and language, that is why there are some thing in french. about french blog i follow, those would be: PandoraThe Cherry Blossom GirlLe Blog de Betty.

Can you advise brazilian fashion blogs ?

there are a lot of very good blogger in Brazil, the ones i look the most is Dia de BeauteStarvingFashionismo.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Flávia Desgrandes van der Linden, Gisele Bündchen … the Brazilians are the most beautiful in the world ?

hehehehe, thanks for the compliment, i wish i was on their level, but i do think that not only Brazilians are beautiful, there are a lot of people that are talented models and incredibly beautiful too.

How is fashion in Brazil ? And how do you judge fashion in France ?

Here in Brazil i thing the fashion is more for summer, showing a lot the body, and in France, i just love them, every thing at all.

To conclude this interview, can you explain why it is absolutely necessary to go to Brazil ?

I thing going out from where you live is absolutely necessary, not to go only for Brazil, but to go every where you can, to get in touch with different culture and people, and that is worth doing cause you always get more inspired to create your next look, and with in one of this trips you get here in Brazil, here too you will see a lot of beautiful and inspiring looks.

Thank you !