After the top 10 of the most beautiful looks of the Festival de Cannes 2014, now we have to go to that found no favor in Cannes and the So Trendy . Whether it is a model, host , actress or even simple people, all had the risk of walking the red carpet and fashion faux- pas is unforgivable in Cannes.

10. Lara Stone on May 21, 2014

Initially, the dress Lara Stone was like a joke until she gives us a headache. The striking pink color of her dress does not go with her ​​blonde color, does not contrast. It lacks a slot for this dress and it is also a little too long for this court. It is a fashion faux of the portion of the model , however , delighted the crowd at the Amfar gala.

Lara Stone robe fuchsia

Lara Stone on May 21, 2014 at Cannes © Calvin Klein via Twitter

9. The mate of Aurelien Wiik on May 21, 2014

 Aurélien Wiik ‘s mate could be on top. Only two things are not going in her look. The first is the belt with big flower. A simple black belt would have been much more chic. On the sexy side, she chose a dress slit on the right leg. But the gap is too large and it is hard to see a bit of her underwear. Fortunately for her, she was wearing one .

Aurelien Wiik et sa compagne oops Cannes 2014

Aurelien Wiik and his mate on May 21, 2014 at Cannes © Olivier Borde

8. Elsa Zylberstein on May 20, 2014

Like Sonia Rolland, Elsa Zylberstein chose a transparent dress with lace bustier and hiding her chest. Although what really works in the former Miss France, is a failure for Elsa Zylberstein. The French actress has had the good idea of ​​wearing a lace dress, a color that goes perfectly with her hair and her eyes, but her glamor and sensuality are not highlighted in this dress. It may be the lack of transparency of candles that are the cause of this little faux- pas in fashion.

Elsa Zylbestein cannes flop fashion faux-pas

Elsa Zylbestein  on May 20, 2014 at the  Festival de Cannes © Dessange/Rachid Bellak

7. Audrey Tautou on May 14, 2014

Audrey Tautou is the queen of simplicity. Always classy and chic, but forgot to be sexy for the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. This dress suits her very well, responding to the usual style of the actress, but lacks the appeal of the Cannes Film Festival I knew I had last year when she was the master of ceremonies.

Audrey Tautou Cannes 2014 robe Prada

Audrey Tautou on May 14, 2014 at Cannes © Prada via Twitter

6. Daniela Lumbroso on May 15, 2014

Daniela Lumbroso climbed the stairs to the projection of Mr. Turner, in which Timothy Spall has received the award for best male performer. Bad choice of dress, bag and hairstyle for the radio host. Dress imagination. She would have had to be shorter or divided. The bag is not worthy of a red carpet. The texture of jeans is wrong with the dress. For hair , she should have put her bangs shell to sublimate her beautiful face . Three mistakes that earned her sixth place.

Daniela Lumbroso cannes flop fashion faux-pas

Daniela Lumbroso © Daniela Lumbroso via Twitter

5. Amira Casar on May 21, 2014

It is in a Lanvin dress that Amira Casar has walked the red carpet May 21, 2014 . Although she has a radiant face, her dress makes it all worth. The dress makes her look fat and gives an effect of a fall in the chest due to the material that will not bust molds. Despite a good long dress and a bra that could improve it, it is a complete failure for the look of the french.

amira casar cannes flop fashion faux-pas

Amira Casar © Lanvin via Twitter

4. Rebecca Zlotowski

 A french umpteenth in the top 10 … Rebecca Zlotowski attended the red carpet, as was the president of the two jurors Critics Week dedicated to young talents, the Discovery Award ( short films ) and the Prize revelation ( film). Only, she made a big faux- pas by wearing this shirt fashion but above all for this too loose skirt that does not give her full value . She called for her sexy appearance.

Rebecca Zlotowski cannes flop fashion faux-pas

Rebecca Zlotowski in the red carpet of Cannes © Dessange/RachidBellak

3. Elena Lenina on May 15, 2014

Elena Lenina was the queen of the 10 ‘s fashion faux- pas top last year. She has been still very strong this year as it presented on the red carpet on May 15 adorned with a dress, very used by froufrous the sleeves but the hair and crown are what give her third place.

elena lenina cannes flop fashion faux-pas

Elena Lenina on May 14, 2014 at the Festival de Cannes © Elena Lenina via Instagram

2. Sharon Stone on May 21, 2014

Sharon Stone has shown the best but also the worst for this 67th edition. While she was very sexy at Amfar Gala, she forgot all about the red carpet for the May 21, 2014. Located in a short black dress and pearls up the steps of the Palais du Festival. The worst part of this dress is lace on her cleavage which gives a very cheap effect for the meeting.

Sharon Stone rock à Cannes 2014

Sharon Stone © Franck Provost via Pinterest

1. Elena Lenina on May 14, 2014

A second fashion faux-pas for Elena Lenina . One that builds up in recent years on the red carpet , just hit yet again, a dress especially sexy. It’s double bun hairstyle and bead necklace christmas style that XXL would have allowed, unfortunately for her, reaching for the second year first in this top.

elena lenina cannes flop fashion faux-pas

Elena Lenina © Elena Lenina via Instagram