The beautiful Kate Hudson has made a lot of noise with their sexy and stylish metallic dress by Versace. She was attuned to the ceremony! To highlight the halter and draped its all white and silver dress, she opted for a simple but full of free volume neck hair !


Kate Hudson sexy dress Oscar 2014

© Versace via Twitter

A mix between a retro style that is somewhat reminiscent of the trend and elegance of the 50’s combined withthe loop over one shoulder ! To achieve the same hairstyle is very simple, just follow the guide!

For those who have curly hair

If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful natural curls cascading down over her shoulders , the turn is almost won! just place

  • You separates your hair parted on one side , feel free to change the line well for the next retro 50s
  • Smooth a big lock of hair, one on the front that frame your face. Smooth thence to the ear and then let your natural curls
  • Use discrete pins to gather hair over one shoulder and fix the locks
  • Then place your natural curls in the clips to hide
  • Lacquer on the hair to keep it in place until the end of the afternoon

For those with straight hair

The operation will be a little longer, but the principle remains the same !

  • Leave the top of your hair soft, but give volume to make brushing over the head down when you do the first drying your hair.
  • With the help of a curling iron, create curls nicely laid across the bottom of your hair ( curling starting at ear level ) . You can use a small simple technique for rapid and lasting curl your hair , even when dry : Spray some hairspray before starting to use the iron!
  • So gather your curls on one side , over one shoulder, and secure them with clamps as explained above .
  • Remake with a round brush to absorb that frames the face to give the motion of a wave!

And voila! Lacquer hair again and is ready to be the most beautiful to go dancing with her hair like Kate Hudsonat the Oscars ! Smart and sexy as possible !