It’s almost the end of winter and we all wonder how to give a new impetus to the hair, the hair and how to revitalize the highlight ! Here are some tips to successfully tame your hair neatly and be at the forefront of the trend for sunny days arrive.

Constranstings haircuts

Very short or very long we will have to choose this spring leaves no room for compromise between the two cuts. Only the square remains plunging trend in middle-long cuts. Either you keep your long hair and wear loose fitting at the wind very natural way you opt for a very short and tailored cut that will boost your face.

The hair is tied at height of the neck

Hair buns and ponytails will be very low for this spring marks the end of high chignons and unstructured. We love the straightened hair and tackles head for a sexy and sophisticated ultra strict effect .

chignon bas jean louis david

Low Bun © Jean Louis David


Parted in the middle

 Exit the side parting, symmetry is the appointment for sunny days and a wise line is adopted in the middle that will bring out your eyes and will structure your hairstyle. To apply, especially if you take the long hair cut Laches natural !

Emilia Clarke robe décolleté Golden Globes 2014

Emilia Clarke at the Golden Globes 2014 © HFPA

The return of the braid hair

This is the great spring trend ! The braid is back among the trendiest hairstyles, we appreciate deconstructed on the side (especially for long hair ) or wound on the head like a crown. For the latter hairstyle, think out painting the hair and keep the hair in the middle !

couronne tresse jean louis david

Crown braid © Jean Louis David

Cara Delevingne en Burberry © Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne at the Met Ball © Cara Delevingne

The wet effect to be glsmorous every day

The trend will be to wet effect to bring a touch sexy glamor to any outfit. Whether for curly or straight hair, do not hesitate to wet or use special gels which keep the wet effect throughout the day

Jewelry to brighten your hair

Finally, the spring must be playing with accessories to place in the hair to decorate a simple hairstyle and make it sophisticated. We opt for wild flowers quite in season or feathers to embellish your hairstyle .

Plume tendance hiver

Hair accessory with feather © Urban Outfitters