It is the quintessential summer styling. The herringbone braid type has emerged as a hit – and hair – of the season, so it’s natural that now offer how to do it without too much difficulty. Who is our guide of the day? Lauren Conrad! Trends socialite made experts in California have mastered the art of call fishtail braid. You must see .


Before braiding

1. Before you begin, you need to ask about what you want to obtain. A net braid? Pursue brushing beforehand unless you have naturally straight hair. A wild braid? Do not hesitate to unravel your hair with your finger to get a more natural final texture.

2. Your decision must be made, in the early stages of hair. To begin, please have a lax – transparent or not, but of poor quality, if possible, because you can re-use – and create a low ponytail on the side.

The main stages for the harringbone braid

3.  Once the ponytail is made, separate into two parts of equal size.

4. Now is the time to move on to more serious things. The principle of the harringbone braid is simple, just take a bit of the first part and get to the second part of its ponytail, and vice versa. It is the repetition of this operation, so you can get the famous braid.

5. Last advice, do not expect to get a perfect result. Some strands of the braid will be weaker than the other, this is what it takes to be a natural hairstyle, perfect for a lazy summer.

After braiding

6. Once all stages are validated, the braid is complete, simply take scissors and carefully cut the elastic at the base of the braid.

7.  And here is the result!

Lauren Conrad et sa fishtail braid © Capture Youtube

Lauren Conrad and her herringbone braid © Capture Youtube