Top accessories trend in recent seasons, the headband, headband or in other words the head jewel for those who are frowning, is the touch that makes the difference between a mundane look and ultra glamorous look. Manual selection of the finest and headbands seen on the web to get a great look this season.

Favorite accesory of celebrities and catwalks

How do we know that this or that fashion has become the must of the time, and suddenly, the trend to adopt absolutely? Just when seen on the catwalks or enacted by the stars. All fashionistas know that Fashion Week is the fashion event that has not to be missed to take a step ahead in fashion. The stars of the film and the song as Charlize Theron, Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens, who are all would like, give us also a track on how to be glamorous and stylish.

Charlize Theron aux Golden Globes Awards 2012 © HFPA

Charlize Theron wore a headband at Golden Globes 2012 © HFPA

 A fashion to take in all seasons

The headband is worn usually as a headband or as a crown placed above the head. The advantage is that it can be worn in any season. Whether summer or winter, do not be afraid to wear it to enhance your look without fear of a misstep.


Michelle Williams aux Golden Globes Awards 2012 © HFPA

Michelle Williams a, like Charlize, a hairstyle using the headband


© Mango

© Mango

One for each type of headband look

The headband can complete a look and make it originally. For a rather bohemian look, there are headbands with feathers in natural colors that is worn like a crown of indians. The banner and link fabric braided suede are also in the same vein. This type of headband is worn preferably on a high ponytail or hair down . Avoid, however, involve feathers and braids, and especially not with a jingle dress kind Pocahontas.

Romantics alike can rely on headbands flowers or lace aerial should favor whites and pastels. Wear with wavy curls or a loose bun and involve a vaporous dress or blouse nude color.

Un magnifique headband © Feminagroup

A beautiful headband © Feminagroup

For those who have a soul princess, the big fashion houses have designed neo-crowns, a kind of crown decorated with pearls or rhinestones. Wear it with a high bun or braid side.