TiffanyFerg represents her 14,000 subscribers on YouTube. At 17, her book on the American channel has more lifestyle advice in the form of video tutorials without missing the humor. Following her caustic funny, one of his recent comic episodes off the lot. Her video “How to be Cara Delevingne”  has already been viewed almost 100,000 times.

© Cara Delevingne via Twitter

© Cara Delevingne via Twitter

Note that the subject of the tutorial is a very requested regularly (buzz). In twelve short months, Cara Delevingne was supermodel amateur model year. Regularly on magazine covers, is all the parades, and the haute couture of the most recognized magazines. The number one asset of the new generation of podiums, which exceeds Alexa Chung in the heart of the English girls. Result of his reputation, that fascinates and repels without mincing.

Because Cara Delevingne, not just a baby face easily recognizable quality material for promoting brands. Cara Delevingne is a style, draws an attitude. Cara Delevingne not affect your rock’n’roll icon codes, and it is these that Tiffany is pleased to dissect … the better to laugh.

 On your marks, get set, go! To become Cara Delevingne, we must …

  1. Let his soft hair wild, simply topped with a center parting.
  2. Makeup eyes a smokey eye loaded.
  3. Make a pout.
  4. Makeup eyebrows to make them very thick and dark brown.
  5. Adopt her personality do not hesitate to let them express her madness without restraint.
  6. Take pictures as it: make the worst possible grins.

Tempted by the experience?

NB: Do not forget that Cara Delevingne is currently at the heart of a scandal on suspicion of cocaine.