First time a trend and trend clothing remains during winter and reaches better days, one can not resist to present the best way to sell yourself to the start of the year. Here is the magnificent “Pencil Skirt” that will invade your closets to be at the top of classe everyday .

What is the pencil skirt ? A little definition.

The pencil skirt is a straight skirt worn high ( at the waist ) that enhances the silhouette. Usually stops at the knees, but the current trend is to opt for slightly longer pencil skirts (to the calf).

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How to wear the pencil skirt gracefully?

The advantage of this style is that it brings an undeniable touch of ” Madame ” and “Working Girl” at their own pace, without being overbearing ! The idea is to use this skirt at the waist to highlight the delicacy of your body, then there are two possible views :

  • Place the sweater into the pencil skirt , ideal for carrying a touch of glamor to your outfit, but be careful because you may run the risk of being inflated. Take this option according to your body type .
  • Allow the excess sweater over her skirt: can not only hide the unsightly bulges small but lengthen the silhouette. If you choose this option, in this case, opt for a light sweater fine mesh.
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What accessories to wear highlight the figure?

  • The pencil skirt goes well with thin heels, you might associate the color of your sweater to boost whole. Feel free to take them with a small heel to the curve of your legs.
  • A small thin belt to emphasize the waist is also a way to perfect silhouette drawing attention to the most beautiful shape of your body.
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