The year 2013 started beautifully for Jennifer Lawrence, at least in terms of rewards. Her performance in the film Happiness Therapy has allowed her to win the prestigious awards like the SAG Award for Best Actress, the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy or an Oscar. Jennifer Lawrence is all the ceremonies and must be installed on the red carpet. A protocol that’s hard to accept:

I’m afraid I’m going to go my whole life being scared like a chihuahua

It is clear that this is not what she likes in acting. And she has reason to be traumatized by the red carpet in light of its previous passages. At the SAG Awards, the red carpet has been heavily criticized. Everyone thought her Dior gown was torn. Episode probably painful for the young actress who had a much more terrible in the famous Oscar ceremony where she fell down the stairs which led to the scene (see video).

Hopefully this actress 22 years will learn to enjoy to being in the spotlight as her talent should push very often mingle with photographers on the red carpet.

The most beautiful dresses of Jennifer Lawrence at 2013

Jennifer Lawrence aux Golden Globes 2013 © HFPA

Golden Globes 2013 © HFPA

Bradley Cooper et Jennifer Lawrence aux SAG 2013 © WireImage

SAG 2013 © WireImage

Jennifer Lawrence sur le tapis rouge des Oscars © AMPAS

Oscars 2013 © AMPAS