This last Wednesday November 6 , Jennifer Lawrence decided to radically change its appearance. The fall season gave her an air of renewal and change.En Actually, the beauty changed her haircut square by … Short hair ! What a change, change is now!

Nouvelle coupe de cheveux pour Jennifer Lawrence

© Jennifer Lawrence via Facebook

Her new haircut is a short blonde drink accompanied by a wick asymmetric leaves the front . Decidedly, a new trend is emerging in the celebrities. Recently , they have increasingly cut her hair, and putting an end ! The actress from the series ” Hunger Games ” is actually the only one to give in to this new trend . We can also evoke such Keira Knightley , Alicia Keys, Coco Rocha or still are in the same case .

Jennifer Lawrence is nevertheless a accustomed to the new haircuts. Have fun with your look and like to go from one extreme to another . Among its multiple choices and capillaries, and was brunette with long hair, with a fringe and more recently a square sexy. It’s because yesterday the actress of Katniss hastened to send the photo of her new look on her Facebook account . The first reactions did not take long to melt, also on Twitter. However, these numerous changes do not derange air brands . Indeed , the beauty is revealed to be the muse of Dior couture house , she likes for her naturalness . Only this naturally does not seem truly be in the quote in the future. With its chic black jacket quarry , the actress seems to have aged ten years … But it takes little importance to her , Jennifer Lawrence , is more than satisfied !

Nouvelle coupe de cheveux de Jennifer Lawrence

© Jennifer Lawrence via Facebook