After a film in 1981, a mini-series in 2008 and of course the two films in the cinema in 2009, Coco Chanel is again staging. Karl Lagerfeld is well placed to talk about the creator of the brand since it is the artistic director for 30 years. It achieves this year a short film and Audrey Tautou will not be in the game. French actress was the muse of perfume No. 5 from 2009 to 2012 but Karl had enough of it. The so pretty actress  was replaced by a man, Brad Pitt, to wear perfume flagship brand Double C? In any case, his criticism was severe Audrey Tautou:

I think in the end, there is such a saturation that it’s almost wrong to image fashion Chanel. I can not anymore. And when I saw in a newspaper Audrey Tautou said that from Chanel, she loves rainboots, I say this, she wanted the money!

If it does not rely on Audrey Tautou to portray Coco Chanel in his short film, it relies on another face of the brand that is Keira Knightley. The British just turned 28 years yesterday and is the image of the fragrance Coco Mademoiselle since 2006 and will be the star of this film directed by The Kaiser on the occasion of the centenary of the opening of the first Chanel boutique. It was at Deauville.

Keira Knightley pour Coco Mademoiselle © Chanel

Keira Knightley for Coco Mademoiselle © Chanel

The cast should also meet the actress Clotilde Hesme and models Caroline de Maigret, Stella Tennant and Tallulah Harlech. It will be presented in Singapore in May.