The 28 year old actress , Keira Knightley, has drawn attention to her arrival at Chanel fashion show in Paris for Fashion Week ! The creator of the brand, Karl Lagerfeld, and wanted to play the practical everyday side in this new collection recreating a giant supermarket in the center of the Grand Palais for parading their models.

Going completely reverse this trend, the actress Keira Knightley has decided to opt for a particular style , which can even be criticized! Is it a faux pas fashion or just the courage to take such a peculiar style? You choose… What is certain is that it encourages manufacturers to abandon the dictatorship of thinness of their models, and even grows to the extreme fineness of the body!

© Keira Knightley via Instagram

© Keira Knightley via Instagram

This is a dress made ​​up of three distinct parts that highlights her tiny waist wasp thatis incredibly small ! In a black and white style, the beautiful has caused a sensation by revealing an amazing figure andwithin the limits of normal! A body of Barbie and one wonders if a brace will not hide behind this size thatis too small !

Her fine body is accentuated with the top of the dress, which is very wide and remains straight shoulders andcut the navel ! An optical effect does not diminish the role perfect body !

Accompanied by her husband, James Righton young , beautiful brunette Keira Knightley in Paris took the opportunity to talk about his upcoming movie which opens in September 2014 : Laggies ! She tells the story of a young woman trapped in an adolescent mentality and still tries to carry out his adultlife with her boyfriend !

It is certain that this wasp waist, beautiful may very well embody the role of a teenager despite hers more than thirty years!

Keira Knightley et James Righton défilé Chanel 2014

Keira Knightley and James Righton © Chanel via Twitter