Lara Stone, the new face of L’Oréal Paris since October 2013 according to « Forbes », tenth higest paid model in 2013, has released a discriminatory information in an interview with the english site Standard. Then she discovered she was pregnant last year, a contract with a brand that goes under the nose after she has done her part. It was not even her first semester, and yet she could not do anything. “I was very upset at that time I did not even had my ultrasound the third month and felt very vulnerable had a lot of work was as follows:… I just had to stop doing what she knew best, which was my life,” Lara Stone said in Standard.

Lara Stone robe vintage Versace

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Discrimination ?

A model that is mother is not a defect. Trademarks are afraid that the model makes her maternal life in higher priority than career or worse that she does not lose weight as quickly as it was purchased. However, this is not the case for each and Lara Stone knows how to share things. The Dutch model stated in an interview with the British magazine that she was hurt by the attitude of the people in the footage of the photographs. “Everyone is nice to you all the time is alienating because it seems that everyone lies to you, everyone will say.” You’re great! “And you will say,” Obviously, I’m not “regrets Lara Stone.