There are only a few weeks before you are ready to show their best bathing suit on the beach during vacation something long awaited. Like every year, we decided at the last minute to get the sport to lose those last kilos. Sport is a great way to lose weight without starving, but also reshape the silhouette and tone the body.

One of the sports best suited for a person who wants to start  late is running. In fact, it is more difficult to join a fitness class at the end of the season. Gym classes have no effect of rapid weight loss, then it is best to return to sports cardio. Inside, you can always go through devices such as bicycles, ellipticals, steppers rowers, and treadmills, but the hike has its advantages.

The benefits of Jogging

La course à pied en extérieur permet de brûler de nombreuses calories. De plus, cette activité est gratuite et tout le monde peut pratiquer quelque soit son emploi du temps. De plus, cela permet de profiter des endroits naturels et de prendre une bouffée d’air frais tout en profitant du soleil de juin. Running outdoors can burn a lot of calories. Furthermore, this event is free and everyone can practice whatever their schedule. In addition, you can take advantage of natural areas and get some fresh air while enjoying the June sunshine.


coureuse à pied

With a little music in your ears, you can take the rhythm! © Leandro Crespi –

The pre

Mais avant de se lancer dans une activité physique, nous ne pouvons que vous rappeler de la nécessité de voir votre médecin de ne pas avoir de contre-indication.But before embarking on an exercise, we can only remember the need to see your doctor to check you do not have a counter-indication.

When to run?

The question of the hour for the jogging is not crucial, however, especially for a novice runner, avoid periods of high temperatures. Similarly, it may be prudent to avoid morning run. It is advisable to wait a few hours for the muscles are fully awake.

Where to run?

However, where it is an important criterion. So it is advisable to avoid hard surfaces such as roads. The dirt roads are preferred as the lawns. A smooth surface will be less onerous for the joints and therefore better health. For starters, it is advisable to avoid the ground and focus on flat roads.

Warming Up

Before embarking on training, strictly speaking, there should be a warm up. It is running 10 minutes at a slower pace (or ride for beginners) and then stretching. These should not be static but dynamic. Despite the lack of information, the research is clear: static stretching before exercise causes more injuries and therefore should be avoided.

The purpose of dynamic stretching is to warm the body and muscle effort over a wide range. However, unlike the final stretch of the sessions should not happen. Do not feel pain or discomfort. These movements may be performed over a period of 30 seconds.

In the following video, you will be able to see some interesting extensions (between 1 minute and 15 seconds):


You can also do rotational movements of the ankles and shoulders to complete both dynamic stretches in the video.

Training program

After warming up, you can begin the serious stuff. We offer the following table:

  • Monday (week 1): 2 minutes 6 times interspersed with 1 minute walk
  • Thursday (week 1): 4 times for 5 minutes interspersed with 1 minute walk
  • Monday (week 2): 10 minutes and 5 minutes, then 2 minutes 4 times interspersed with 1 minute walk
  • Thursday (week 2): 10 minutes 2 times, then 4 times 2 minutes interspersed with 1 minute walk
  • Monday (week 3): 20 minutes continuously and then twice for 5 minutes interspersed with 1 minute walk
  • Wednesday (Week 3): 3 hours 8 minutes interspersed with 2 minutes of walking
  • Friday (Week 3): 30 continuous minutes
  • Monday (week 4): 2 times 20 minutes interspersed with 2 minutes of walking
  • Wednesday (week 4): 3 times 12 minutes interspersed with 2 minutes of walking
  • Friday (week 4): 40 minutes continuously

The concept of progressivity is important for development and not give up after an activity too intense, too exhausting. Once you get a little more practice, you will see that it will be much easier.

It’s not about speed in this program, it takes a leisurely pace where you feel good. Is preferable to increase the driving time as is the case in the context above instead of increasing the running speed.

After 4 weeks of training, you should be able to run 40 minutes straight. With the warm up and calm, exercise time should be approximately 1 hour. Therefore, you will be able to burn a lot of calories!

Back in the calm

Once your training is complete, return to peace is a 5 minute walk. You can then perform static stretches. However, if you feel pain in a tendon or muscle is not recommended to stretching because instead could aggravate the injury.

A video showing the stretch after running:

Food and hydration

For a beginner, it is not necessary to consume a kilo of dough the night before. However, it must be fasting. Those who have lost their jobs are interested in taking a bite before the race. The level of hydration, a beginner will not have to wear a special water bottle with you. However, if it exceeds the course of time, it is recommended to have something to hydrate especially in hot weather. Before exercise, you can take one or two glasses of water and continue to moisturize after the race.

The material

As for the material, it may be interesting for a girl who runs a long time have a hydration systemof bottles at all times of the year. Moreover, trousers stuck or shorts and a shirt are usually sufficient. Just make sure you feel free in your movements. If the trek costs almost nothing, buy real running shoes proves to be a good choice. As discussed earlier, running on soft ground reduces the trauma of the joints, in the same way a good shoe reduce risk and can be a good investment.

With our advice, you will be able to lose your kilos quickly, just in time before sunbathing at the beach this summer.