After the holidays, kilograms may have accumulated. This does not please you? The beginning of the year is the time for good resolutions and a good time to lose those extra pounds so do not be discouraged. There are many ways to lose weight. They are more or less effective, but you should know that your determination is your best way to achieve your goals.

1 / Do you know why you are doing these efforts?

Motivation is the key to success. It is not enough to say “I’m motivated” to get there. It must be frankly the reasons that drives you to want to lose weight. Do not hesitate to write on a sheet all the reasons why you lose weight. They can be numerous:

  • Have a weight more in line with what you want,
  • You feel better with your body
  • Attract more to your boyfriend
  • Please the men, find a buddy,
  • Be able to put these jeans that you bought last year,
  • It is better for your health,

To you identify the reasons that make you slim. You will need to keep in mind throughout the process. If you happen to crack at certain times of the day devouring a chocolate bar, then put on the closet door with an inscription above the stated reasons for wanting to make these efforts. You’ll have a little scruple in taking action.

You must never forget that if you make an effort, it will be profitable one day or the other. So do not despair and stick to the plan is to have a good diet and do physical activities.

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2 / Pay attention to your diet

If a crash diet is not necessarily a good thing, it is imperative to pay attention to their diet in the quantity and quality. Some basic rules will help you:

  • Try to take only 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Do not eat between meals,
  • Dinner must be the meal lighter
  • Avoid starchy foods (rice, bread, potatoes, wheat, …) in the evening,
  • If you are a fussy eater try to reduce the portions,
  • Do not eat too much fat (butter, cheese, oil, meat, …)
  • Choose foods that are low in calories (lettuce, carrots, radishes, asparagus, …)
  • Reduce your intake of sauces,
  • Do not salt too much (or even not at all)
  • Reduce your intake of alcohol,

These small actions will help you lose weight without stopping to eat what you like. So yes, you are entitled to eat a cake or cheese but just occasionally. This may be a good idea to reward your efforts with a food that you love and that is not necessarily in the list of products to use when making a diet. It is not necessary to ban food (except alcohol which has no use for the body), you must keep a varied diet.

Should not also drastically reduce their calorie intake every day. It is imperative to keep at least one heavy meal a week so that the body gets used to running fewer calories and make reservations. The effect would be reversed.

3 / Make physical activity

Lower caloric intake is a good thing but why not pair it with an energy expenditure? The sum of the two will yield better results. The practice of physical activity will not necessarily immediate consequence of lowering the number on your scale but rather to refine and tone your body. The muscle is heavier than fat, you will be surprised at the weigh but must exceed this figure. The real result is quite different. Rather, it is the turn of her hips, thighs, arms, pelvis (choice) and the tone of these regions. It is better to look at the measurements of the note rather than follow the evolution of its weight curve.

You definitely want the sport most effective for slimming. The most effective are running, dynamic fitness, squash, … It is preferable that you choose an activity that you like. Swimming, volleyball, or Zumba, the choice is important so make yourself. The goal is to find an activity where you go for fun and not backwards. If you go. And at couple, it’s more challenging!

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You really do not like sports? Regardless, do the steps after the meal, take the stairs, get your wand walk … You can do many physical activities without you fully appreciate. Certainly, they are less effective but small efforts put together will be profitable in the long term.