Fashionista to the end, what you would find it difficult to forget the makeup though trip to the beach? We’ll have to forget traditional makeup and adapt to the harsh law of the beach, heat and especially water. Of course, that says the beach is said in swimming. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the makeup intact in the water outlet to not look like a panda. Heat also affects the beauty implementation because the pores dilate to let out the sweat. It is certainly not glamorous, but that’s life. Therefore, it is necessary not to forget the heavy colored backgrounds and dust not to clog pores. That will be any balanced way by the first drops that come to touch your face. Therefore, we must focus on simplicity for a range of makeup that will continue.

Lookbook été 2014 par Mango Daria Werbowy sexy

Daria Werbowy with the simple makeup for the lookbook Summer 2014 of Mango © Mango

Pour le teint

The slogan is BB cream. After the skin well hydrated, only BB cream that will unify the complexion without overloading the skin is applied. There sunscreen BB cream that incorporates a solar protection to combat the sun’s UV rays. The skin is soft, silky and protected. Everything you need for a day at the beach.

For the eyes

The eyes are often what betrays and shows fatigue. So is that the water test was invented! Water resistant, waterproof products allow carefree swimming as there is no friction in the water outlet. Therefore, you should rub your face instead of wiping. Eyeliner and waterproof mascara allies to be perfect makeup on the beach. A line of eyeliner on the lower lid, a favorite mascara on the lashes and so eye makeup simple, fast and efficient.

For the mouth

As eyes, red lips are waterproof also. However, it is much harder to find then prefer a brightness that has a better fit in the water. The colors are too acute to banish them, simplicity is de rigueur with nude or pink colors are welcome.