Hazel eyes are the most common. Rarer than their lagoons, which, however, lively and bright, the same name given to exercise great care in its development. If it is commonly accepted that all goes with brown eyes, still be to find out what makeup colors convey the charm. Follow this guide.

Agathe Bonitzer © WireImage

Agathe Bonitzer at Festival of Cannes 2013 © WireImage

Dare to all

Are your eyes brown? Perfect, can dare to live mundial.Colores level as the dark, without a shadow is undesirable. Brown eyes have the advantage that it does not collide with any color. Try gently with electric blue eyeshadow, big trend of the season!

Two imperatives: heat and iridescence!

If the natural color of your iris offers multiple options, hold still the fundamental choice especially focus especially on the textures and the fact iridescent. Brown eyes numbers give the effect of a false eye. Therefore recommended especially warm colors. They avoid tarnishing the eyes, a common consequence of the application of the shadow too cold and clear eyes. Therefore, instead of opting for a blush powder pink, silver, green or turquoise, choose your competitors brown, brass or bronze.

Increased intensity

Similarly, as mentioned above, the composition is based on the iris allies hazelnuts. A smoky eye intense black as plum, navy or khaki, is the perfect choice. For the gold tone metal sub-aka impose their qualities. A final tip to let the brown eyes speak? Do not skimp on the layer of mascara, very black.