The young actress Margot Robbie returns for the Australian version of Elle magazine in her performance in the film Wolf of Wall with Leonardo Dicaprio! The beautiful actress recently revealed that in the world of cinema was accused ( falsely) of having an affair with actorWill Smith !

 After, Margot Robbie managed to prove herself in the film and is now that we are talking about her for her ultra – glamorous look in her presence in the parade of Miu Miu for example, or their fantastic dresses during the Golden Globes !

Margot Robbie hot sexy robe Golden Globes 2014

Margot Robbie at Golden Globes 2014 © Gucci

In the interview that she gives to Elle, Margot Robbie seems less confident than on the red carpet! She returned to the stage in the duo filmed scenes with Leonardo Dicaprio that are very very hot! And despite her air of professional film, did not remain indifferent to these times of complicated game to manage players:

I lied for so long about my nude scenes in the film. First I said that there were no naked then I realized that yes, there was nudity, but it was not me but a double with her head above when editing is added. Finally I admitted it was me !

:So hard to get into the skin of the sexy girlfriend Leonardo Dicaprio, but Margot Robbie does not seem to take quite the time since she prohibits grandparents to see the movie! For other families, addresses a infallible logic to prepare for these scenes:

The rest of the family can view it at their own risk ! But if it can not have normal relations after that,it would not be my fault! You will see a fairly shocking side of her dear child !

Therefore, it is not always obvious take full advantage of the composition of such a complicated role ! At least Margot Robbie is in favor of declaring loud and clear !