From the earliest days , the bob cut seemed to be part of the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. I had not counted on girls with long hair and a half long that they decided not to succumb to trendy short hair. To impress on the red carpet of the Palais du Festival, some have adopted nuts classic bun. Others have innovated with a sloppy braid, also called messy, to accompany a very chic look like Eva Longoria, Blake Lively or Adèle Exarchopoulos. So Trendy will help you achieve a major haircuts of the croisette.

Cheryl Cole Eva Longoria sexy

Cheryl Cole with a bun and  Eva Longoria with a braid © Eva Longoria via Whosay

First, consider whether you have everything on hand . You will need:

  • A spray volume
  • A dryer
  • A brush
  • And lacquer

1. Start by applying the spray volume in your hair still wet . Lets you ” set” the hair and makes styling easier. Then your hair upside down for optimum volume dried.

2.  Using a fine comb, draw the line on the side of your choice. Then gather your hair on the opposite side , being careful not to press keep frizz side.

3.  Take all that separate the hair into three equal parts. Then made just braid. For an effect like Eva Longoria, considers the wide braided and twisted tightening thereafter.

4.  To forget elasticity, volume crepe to give the braid at the end. The curly crepe are also made ​​along the braid to give a messy effect.

5.  Sprinkle with lacquer spray your hair to braid last longer.

Here’s a rock’n’roll but elegant hairstyle for a night or a day at the beach or in the city or to go to a party. A hairstyle to try if you want to be in trend.

Adele exarchopoulos cannes 2014 sexy louis vuitton

Adele Exarchopoulous © Camille Seydoux via Instagram