On the set of Jimmy Kimmel, Mila Kunis, who is pregnant with her first child, she was happy to talk pregnancy with the presenter. With a black dress barely hides her baby bump, she launched into a monologue that has made the audience laugh. What prompted this action? A word of Jimmy Kimmel. During their discussion, the presenter dared to tell the actress that he and his wife were pregnant. Words Mila Kunis apparently does not support, in a humorous tone, obviously.

mila kunis enceinte jimmy kimmel

Mila Kunis in the emision of Jimmy Kimmel © Caption Youtube

So taking a microphone to get to the scene. Facing the camera, she addresses dads. “Stop saying you are pregnant. You are not pregnant”. Starts a background actress on guitar. It then moves to a series of questions, more fun “is that you make a person out of your lady parts? Are you weep alone in your car when you hear a bad love music? And when you wake up vomiting, is it because you feed another human being? No. It’s because you drank too much tequila. You know how many glasses of tequila we had? Cero. Because we can not drink alcohol. Nothing can be, because we love the little elf whatever grows in us to do, is just back and falls asleep for you, because you are “not pregnant” Aided by a group of pregnant women with a carton of ice cream in her hand, she ends her monologue with the words:… “So we are “.A very funny moment, a specialty of Jimmy Kimmel.

The monologue of Mila Kunis