The last new has arrived . While the rumor about a possible break lasted for months , finally , after three years of marriage and six years in relation to the mythical couple formed by Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are officially separate . The press release announced 36 player cracking the American site E! News today :

They parted amicably a few months ago . After six years together , they finally decided to formalize their separation. Despite the end of their marriage , they love each other, support each other and respect each other as parents and as a family .

Remember this was in 2006 where it all really began . The romance between the time model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom was born during a parade of Victoria’s Secret in New York. Still waited a year before officially announce their relationship. Even though she twice refused to marry his beloved and tender , as she thought she was “too young ” , and after the third attempt (which was also an ultimatum ) finally agreed . So in 2010 came together for better or for worse , in a small ceremony . The bride was already pregnant at the time, so it’s in January 2011 that their son Flynn was born . In subsequent years , the couple appeared all the time in love. During their many appearances , private or public , did not show any tension or have the shortest distance between them. They were the perfect family for all to see.

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© Mango

If you look closer, it is true that at this time the two former lovers are everywhere and did not seem to be their relationship as solid as before. They appeared together very rare last summer in New York. Meanwhile, former Australian model connects the advertising contracts with or without handles and luxury jewelry brand Swarovski. Since it is free from her contract with the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, the beautiful brunette seems to never stop! She made several appearances at international shows and is seen in one of the many magazines. And when it came to her own brand of cosmetics sold primarily in the United States and Asia , Kora Organics , which she is the muse.

Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom has recently sold his Hollywood home – a team “Bling Ring” broke – to live alone in his apartment in New York. 36 year old actor will star next two films. On December 4 , will star in “Zulu ” , the latest film by Jérôme Salle. A week later, the 11th, will be on the big screen with “The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug ” to recover his suit Legolas the elf in the trilogy by Peter Jackson .

However in doubt because the two lovers are separated into very good terms. We saw a brilliant Miranda Kerr last September 19, the first “Romeo and Juliet ” , in New York , came to support her husband , who has the lead role in the play. She said , with a beautiful smile and be ” submitted” by the power of her husband , that she is ” very impressed “.