Last Saturday, there is just one week, the Australian Miranda Kerr celebrated her thirty candles. The opportunity to review recent events seem threatened her career

Miranda Kerr had been in parades more than half of her life. She is one of the world’s most famous tops and turns her back on Victoria’s Secret this year. Little girl with beautiful physical, her career began whe she was 13 years on the catwalk, before taking a flying off. It is very natural that the blue-eyed brunette has conquered all the biggest fashion houses as magazines, winning the title of the sexiest woman in the world in 2012 according to the monthly Esquire UK, or making coverage of magazine Jalouse. Miranda Kerr and seems to have based its aura of invincible model, always surpassing a head the new generation in search of competition.

Miranda Kerr le 18 mars 2013 © Miranda Kerr via Instagram

Miranda Kerr  18 march 2013 © Miranda Kerr via Instagram

Miranda Kerr wants toput value in her business as model? While Cara Delevingne recently held remarks in this sense, it seems that the Australian supports its vision of being a supermodel, leaving obviously this professional field.

Maybe this is her recent motherhood which led to her change of priority. In couple with British actor Orlando Bloom since 2007, they married in 2010 and their first child, named Flynn, was born in January 2011. This happy event was probably make in her life as a necessary crossroads, time to make a change.

Mom and wife good made, perhaps Miranda Kerr wishes to take her time before making a media comeback more powerful as her homologous Sienna Miller, which, according to rumors, is  the new face of Burberry. The hypothesis is plausible. But it seems rather than 30 and 17 years of modeling behind her, Miranda Kerr wants to give a new boost to her career. She thought to be as her husband at the movies? Nothing is less certain.

She wants to make grow her own brand of organic cosmetics KORA? This is the most credible theory, especially as e-shop opened in 2013 and the model revealed on Instagram a month ago just be full shoot for the brand. In any case, it’s a safe bet that, true to its reputation, the first Australian has been part of the most glamorous brand of lingerie in the world will reinvent herself.