The one with the nickname of the Panther has more than one trick up her sleeve and show her determination to march for Versace . From 43 years is shown as a supermodel generation modeling which does not end at the end of the thirties .

Naomi Campbell et ses régimes drastiques avant les défilé Versace

Naomi Campbell  a dieta antes de su desfile © Naomi Campbell via Facebook

Naomi Campbell , the supermodel best known for her character decided yet says she has a place on the podium to represent this automn winter 2013 2014 for Versace during the parade in July. What is your secret to staying on top? She admits she does Pilates and yoga to keep your muscles , but recently the catwalk star has made startling revelations . In an interview she reveals her Net A process of preparing for the show and admits

 Ten days before Versace, only drank juice ( carrot , ginger , pineapple ) to purify me

A strict diet so it is necessary to maintain her perfect figure , but be careful not to fall into extreme and endanger your health. Do not forget that full interview was asleep , fatigue may be the result of these drastic diets express and are forcing the body