With three new models from the Ballet collection, Nina Ricci brand brings back the days of traditional bag training dancers in bringing its modern touch. Check out these three different models , one of which is wrapped in deer , the second felt contrast and calf and last shearling natural curls.

Decouvrez les trois sacs de la collection Ballet by Nina Ricci

Collection Ballet © Nina Ricci

What better way to promote it than to give him life in the arms of three dancers exception Prue Lang , Suzanne Meyer and Fanny Sage. Three tables are filmed dancing in turn to a graceful triptych by members of the ” I Could nerver be a dancer .” The idea is to highlight three different dance styles to beautify the character of each model of these bags ” Ballet “.

Pub réalisée par " I could never be a dancer" pour Nina Ricci © making off www.ninaricci.com

Publicity ” I could never be a dancer” © Nina Ricci

A promotional campaign while contemporary poetry to highlight the elegance and lightness of these new bags considered urban and practices first. Finishes graceful beauty of the purified material … leather work (which is one of the traditional activities of the brand Nina Ricci ) is fully recovered honored by this collection Ballet. Powdery colors , fine jewelry and delicate handles , these bags trends combine elegance and practicality combine to allow refinement and active life.

Nina Ricci sac à main femme

© Nina Ricci