Olivia Wilde, the former star Dr House, leaves no air. When a journalist, film critic Tom Carson for American GQ, made a sexist remark, drawing a parallel between the game actress and her beauty, she did not hesitate to respond. Fine spirit, the actress did not take much to turn the opponent.

“She has decided to be a writer, but no longer credible whenyou can see Wilde naked through the halls of a hotel, after that Neeson will kindly put at the door of his room. Centre head like, who needs to read and write? Who would? “. This is a critical part of the Third Person of Tom Carson, published in the men’s magazine. Writings, of course, were very badly received by the actress. It was on Twitter that she responds to this criticism with a simple “HA. Kiss my smart ass, GQ.” This was enough for the men’s magazine later apologized on his behalf and on behalf of the journalist in the same social network. 

olivia wilde gq twitter

The tweet that Olivia Wilde send to GQ © Capture Twitter

Words well chosen by the actress as if translated literally gives you a simple “Kiss my smart ass.” Of course, a literal translation is distorted here from “Kiss my ass” is an English expression meaning “Fuck you.” Smartass But it also means, if a word, “the man who knows everything” or “big guy” in a pejorative sense. Good words games that should appeal to Tom Carson.