The sarong has always had its place in the basket or bag to go to the beach. For years now, is the ultimate accessory that allows the pair serve as towel to lie on the sand, and replacement dress when the swimsuit is not yet dry, but also to cover or plaid when cold winds are playing skin. In 2014, the best friend … still is. Why separate element this useful? However, it has changed since its inception. Goodbye sarong in store from the beaches, with questionable looks and gaudy. Fashion has changed, thankfully, and today for the matching trends are similar to those for ordinary clothes.

Paréo à palmiers © Camaieu

Sarong palms © Camaieu

The forms are welcome to brighten the pairings. In Camaieu, feel free to have fun and to give her her sarong swimsuit. If the first attached, the choice of color should be close and most importantly, decide printed. Conversely, if the swimsuit and pareo is printed or has the same graphics, be of one color. This summer, ethnic, exotic prints, prints or graphics are welcome. Therefore, the matching is selected as a dress, which may be attached in various ways. Practical and pretty, what else?