On June 7, 2013, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were guests of The Graham Norton Show for a live performance of his hit “Blurred Lines”, the title number in the UK, with 190,000 copies already sold, and the clip makes hips move like never in any normal person. Willing to do the show for broadcast transmitted on BBC One, in the absence of a dancer – with the exception of three singers – the most profitable artist of the moment, everyone already acclaimed for his duet with Daft Punk, decided to cross the public looking for a sexy companion. And this is the person Hayden Panettiere, the actress best known for her role on Heroes, probably found his account.

Pharell Williams, Hayden Panettiere et Robin Thicke © BBC One

Pharell Williams, Hayden Panettiere and Robin Thicke © BBC One

Resplendent in arms Pharell Williams, the young without any hassle climbed the steps to the stage and finished the whole song with a dance inaccessible to ordinary mortals. Dressed in a white liquid top, slim leather pants and low-heeled red boots, Hayden Panettiere made ​​the show without flinching, very comfortable, fun and sometimes on the side of Pharell Williams, now comes face to face with Robin Thicke, but she is a very seductive and sexy. An example to emulate early, go to the mirrors of high-level training.