Kate Moss has worked often with the brand TopShop to create their own collections and naturally attended their parade to show their latest collection. But this time , it is unclear whether ” Twig ” was there as a fashion designer or as specialized as Vogue editor ( she signed his first articles for the next edition of March).

Whatever the case, Kate Moss has not come alone to watch the parade of Topshop ! Has been accompanied by her sister Lottie Moss who sat in the front row to see his teammates paraded modeling . The young “mini -kate ” of just 16 years , but it is starting to follow in the footsteps of her older sister to jump into modeling !

Kate et Lottie Moss © Topshop via twitter

Kate and Lottie Moss © Topshop via twitter

Seeing both together and smiling was comforting and it is no coincidence that the model Kate Moss who has over 25 years of racetake small protected her! This is the best way to launch the careers of young Lottie Moss:submission to the cream of fashion as Sir Philip Green, who is sat by her side !

And the young Lottie seems that it has a certain reputation in the world of fashion design since the brand Topshop was very proud to have her as a spectator. With the publication of a photo of two sisters at the forefront of the twitter account , the brand adds

You can not ask for a better front row !

A good start to her career is promising to Lottie and big sister to protect attentive and allowing you to keep a cool head. The technique used by Kate Moss to launch debut of her sister seems to be more effective than the provocative image of Stephanie Seymour sitting with her two children on the verge of becoming a model !