The beach dresses fashion trends from the catwalks for swimsuits. This summer 2014, the choice is vast, but not trendy. Among the swimsuit one piece or two piece or ethnic prints and bright colors together, we must choose .

Swimsuits one piece or two ?

Swimsuit one piece has been somewhat forgotten by the general public after the arrival of the bikini and trikini. However, it is now returning to the beach and is decorated with a deep neckline and jewels to make it a little more sexy. No longer reserved for swimmers !

Maillot de bain une-pièce Asos sexy

Swimwear one piece Asos © Asos

The two piece is perfect for lounging on the beach: a tan promises more successfully. The trends are the headband to prevent spotting and tanning tying to remove in seconds. Tip: just be comfortable with your body to bring the two sides, do not hesitate.

Collection Maillots de bain 2014 Bershka

© Bershka

Printed in ethnic or a flashy ?

Ethnic print inspired by African and Indian fabrics are often selections and other celebrity looks. This is a bag, a dress or a shirt, printed remains the favorite this season. The swimwear is no exception to the trend.

Maillots de bain deux pièces inspiration ethnique H&M

Swimwears of two pieces ethnic inspiration H&M © H&M

Unlike printing, is unified. For this season, striking is king. Emphasis will be placed on the golden body of the sun. Cool colors can always count on the classic black sophisticated in the recliner .

Maillot de bain Calzedonia Golden Sunset sexy

Swimwear collection Golden Sunset of Calzedonia © Calzedonia